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We offer a range of services to fit in with your Practice whether it's full-time Practice Management or covering whilst your regular secretary is on holiday.  Have a look at what we offer and see how we can help take a load off.


Let us take care of you

Full Practice Management means just that:  we’ll look after all your administrative tasks including typing, bookings and billing services.  We’ll also help you set-up GP talks and get your articles out there


Everyone needs a little help sometimes

Do you need to provide some support to your current med sec a few times a week?  Or perhaps you need someone to cover your Practice when they go on holiday, we are here to help!


Free up your med secs time to get things done

Is your med sec struggling with their capacity?  Clinic letters going out late and billing debt getting out of control?  With our Time Buster package we can take services like Typing & Billing away from them and let them get on with running your clinics and admin tasks.

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